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How many times per year is the CF EQA scheme organized?

The scheme is organized once a year.

When can I register for the CF EQA scheme?

The registration period starts in July and ends November 30.

How can I register for the CF EQA scheme?

People that have an active account at the CF Network website will receive automatically an invitation to register when the registration period is opened. The registration form is available online. If the registration form is submitted successfully, the laboratory will receive a confirmation e-mail.

If your laboratory would like to participate for the first time, see ‘I would like to participate in the CF EQA scheme for the first time, how should I proceed?’

I would like to participate in the CF EQA scheme for the first time, how should I proceed?

It is important to rule out any previous participation or any accounts created for your laboratory before. If you suspect this, please contact the CF Network by e-mail (). The CF Network will send you the account details of your laboratory if they exist yet.

In case this is indeed the first time your laboratory will participate, create an account first. There is a link named ‘new participant’ on the homepage, to a form which should be filled out. As soon as this form is filled out and submitted, your laboratory details are in the CF Network database. When the registration period opens, you will receive an invitation to register via e-mail. In case you create an account during the registration period, you will have immediately access to that registration form as soon as you receive your password and username via e-mail.

To find the registration form, go to the CF Network website, log in with your new username and password. You automatically arrive in the EQA participant’s area where you will find the link to the registration form.

How many samples are sent out for the CF EQA scheme?

Every year three DNA samples are sent to the registered laboratories end of January. All samples are accompanied with a mock clinical case.

What type of samples is sent for the CF EQA scheme?

The registered laboratories will receive three DNA samples. The samples were extracted by the salting out procedure from permanent cell lines, derived from leukocytes from patients or carriers of CFTR mutations. They were diluted to a concentration of 1µg/3µl (total 15 µl).

Which assay can I use to analyze the samples for the CF EQA scheme?

It is allowed to use any assay available to analyse cystic fibrosis samples. However, it is highly recommended to analyse the samples with the same technique as routinely used in the laboratory for real patient samples.

What is an EQA ID?

The EQA ID is a unique identifier for a certain laboratory in a certain EQA cycle. For example 20180003 is an EQA ID used for a laboratory in the EQA scheme of year 2018. The numbers are assigned automatically when submitting the registration form. Each year the numbers change. Laboratories are strongly advised to use this number in all communication and on reports and raw data.

Who can participate in the CF EQA scheme?

The CF Network EQA scheme is open to all laboratories, public and private sector, that perform tests for cystic fibrosis. Companies offering CF kits are welcome as well to participate.

Our laboratory never provides any interpretation along with the genotype results; can the laboratory still participate in the CF EQA scheme?

It is allowed to participate in the CF EQA scheme and only report genotypes. The genotypes will be assessed. However the certificate will mention that participation was unsuccessful because of the lack of interpretation.

Can I see my registration form once it is submitted?

A laboratory can see the registration form, after logging in, in the EQA participant’s area under the ‘History of your CF EQA participation’ section. Once the registration form is submitted a confirmation including a copy of the registration form is send to all active contact persons.

What shall I do when the registration form does not work properly?

In case you encounter any technical error when filling out the registration form, please contact . As a last resort, we will send you a word copy of the registration form. The CF Network will copy the data of the word registration form into the electronic form.

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