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New website

The registrations have opened for the 2020 scheme.

This year the registrations have started on a new website application: eqascheme.orgExit this website. Our new website is designed specifically for the purpose of running EQA programs and it will be easier for laboratories to keep track of the different stages of the scheme and to have an overview of all schemes they are participating in.

The Cystic Fibrosis scheme is the first to launch on this website, so we hope you are as excited as we are and you are willing to test this new application with us. The tables have turned, because now you can provide us with feedback on our work and how we can improve. We would appreciate receiving any comments/feedback you might have.

Laboratories that have already participated with our schemes received more detailed information on our new website and workflow a few weeks ago. If you are new to our scheme, first of all: Welcome! We are always happy to get the opportunity to help laboratories to improve their work and become the best they can be. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Secondly, our new website requires you to register personally first and then create a laboratory. Multiple people can join the same laboratory, so everyone in your lab is up-to-date on the stages of the scheme. More information on how to create an account or how to register can be found in the Instructions ManualDownload PDF Document.

The registrations for the new CF2020 scheme will be open until the end of November 2019.

What is Cystic Fibrosis European Network?

The European Cystic Fibrosis Thematic Network was a project approved under the 5th framework programExit this website from the European Union. This project (QLK3-CT99-00241, 2000 - 2004) was coordinated from the Center for Human Genetics by Prof Jean-Jacques Cassiman and Prof Elisabeth Dequeker as executive coordinator.

The philosophy of the network has grown out of the experience gained from the Biomed-2 CF concerted action (BMH4-CT96-0462, 1996-2000) which showed the needs for closer interaction between the patient organizations and the clinical professions as well as those involved in fundamental research on Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

All the participating countries

The European network brought together all parties involved in the same quest "the fight against CF", with the aim of making information more easily available to everybody such as the CF manuals for patients.

At the moment the CF network works in close collaboration with the EuroGentest Network of ExcellenceExit this website and the European Molecular Genetics Quality NetworkExit this website (EMQN) in order to improve harmonization of External Quality Assessment (EQA) schemes within Europe.

The European Network organizes a yearly External Quality Assessment scheme for Cystic Fibrosis, for more than 200 laboratories world-wide. These laboratories are laboratories performing diagnostic testing for cystic fibrosis or are laboratories from diagnostic kit companies. All laboratories can participate. More information on the different phases of the CF EQA scheme can be found on the 'EQA process' webpage.

The aim of the CF EQA scheme is to evaluate the entire analytical process, from DNA sample receipt and genotyping up to the written report (examples) with the final interpretation of the data as it is normally being sent to the clinician who requested for the genetic test..

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