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Mutation nomenclature in practice: Findings and recommendations from the cystic fibrosis external quality assessment scheme.Download PDF Document
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HGVS Nomenclature for the description of sequence variantsExit this website

Human Genome Variation Society databasesExit this website

Cystic Fibrosis Mutation DatabaseExit this website

Standard mutation nomenclature in molecular diagnostics - Practical and educational challengesExit this website
Ogino S, Gulley M, den Dunnen JT, Wilson RB and the Association for molecular pathology training and education committee, Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, 2007, 9:1-6

Standardizing mutation nomenclature: why bother?Exit this website
den Dunnen JT, Paalman MH, Human Mutation, 2003, 22:181-182

Mutation nomenclature extensions and suggestions to describe complex mutationsExit this website
den Dunnen JT, Antonarakis SE, Human Mutation, 2000, 15:7-12

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